How to Store Your Perfumes

We present to you our top seven(7) ways of storing your perfumes to maintain the same scent from your first splash to the last.

1)Keep the Bottle Closed Until You’re Ready to Use It – Reason being that the smell diffuses with exposure to more oxygen.

2) Store in a Dark Place – The introduction of light breaks down the components of the fragrance and can melt its bottle too if it’s plastic. So, store your perfume in a place free of both natural and man-made light.

3) Avoid Storing Your Perfume in the Bathroom – Humidity affects a perfume’s makeup and can cause unwanted chemical reactions to occur, so look for a closet or cupboard outside of the bathroom to store your perfume.

4) Keep Your Perfume in the Original Box – Storing a bottle within the original box increases the life of the fragrance.

5) Store on a Low-Level Shelf – The impact of a fall can break the chemical bonds and wreck a scent, that is if the bottle doesn’t break in the first place.

6) Keep the Bottle Sealed When Not in Use – Leaving a bottle unhinged for even a couple hours can start to ruin the mixture’s balance and catalyze its evaporation.

7) Avoid Excessive Shaking of the Perfume Bottle – This agitates the fragrance and introduces unwanted oxidation through bubbles into the scents. Most perfumes are made with delicate chemical bonds and intricate mixtures that can be broken easily.

Feel free to add to the list.

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